Hilla showcase 4 - Anne Linde

Verð : 59.990kr

Lagerstaða : Til á lager

Stærð: 113.8 x 23 x 23.7 cm. Efni: Bended, powder coated aluminium. This shelv fits where the space is tight and is very suitable for a small entrance hall, kitchen and bathroom.

Mounting instruction for Showcase#4

The following text and illustration describes, the screws locations in the wall relative to one another.

1) You will need 8 screws for Showcase#4. Screws are not included.
2) Find an appropriate place / wall for your Showcase#4.
3) The X’s indicates the placement of the screws. Draw small marks on the wall according to the X’s on the illustration. Use a spirit level for the best result.
4) Screw the screws into the wall - use of raw plugs recommended. Don’t screw the screws all the way in. Remember to fasten the rails according to the illustration.
5) Place Showcase#4 on the screws and the rails on the wall.
6) Fasten the screws properly.
Only 2 rails included. No rails needed for top and bottom mounting.