Flip tray lítill ljósblár og grár

Verð : 10.900kr

Lagerstaða : Til á lager

The Oak Men. Handgerður bakki úr eik. Stærð 40 x 20 x 4 cm. Það er hægt að snúa bakkanum og nota báðar hliðar semsagt tvöfalt notagildi. 

Solid Oak Frame. Grey Linoleum on one side and Orange Laminate on the other. What color is your mood today? You can twist and turn the Flip Tray and always find your preferred color. Use it for serving or decoration.

The Oak Men are Anders Buchtrup Jensen and Peter Hensberg. We are Danish cabinetmakers. We love wood and we love cool stuff. We design and manufacture products for use in life, for real and for fun. Every product handled by The Oak Men is based on cabinet making, with a focus on quality, simplicity, aesthetics but certainly also a good deal of humor. There are many fine home accessories out there, but most of it made for women. We only produce what we think is cool.

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