Anana lampi frá Mr. María

Verð : 25.500kr

Lagerstaða : Til á lager

Stærð L43 x W43 x H51cm. A baby elephant is cute and makes the atmosphere pleasantly warm and snug inside a room without the lamp getting warm itself. It emits soft glow of light around it, but does not get warm itself so children can hug, cuddle, and touch their best buddy.

This lamp uses an LED lighting source, which doesn’t warm its polyethylene body. It features five-level dimming that allows you to adjust it for different output. Turn it to the minimum when the baby is in the bed or listening to a fairy tale, to a brighter level of intensity when she/he is reading a book or comic. 

Features of Mr Maria Anan Elephant Lamp: 

Five-level dimming feature

Dimensions: L43 x W43 x H51cm

LED lamps

5 dimmers